Due Diligence and Live Verifications

Confirm the claimed information by the seller is presented accurately!

It has been watched that around 40% of the online businesses sold or being offered for sale hold the exaggerated, falsified and over-inflated figures of revenue, traffic and other credentials. Some of them contains the errors ignorant to the brokers or sellers, but atleast 20% of them are the scam or con attempts by the sellers to arrange potential buyers into paying exceeding sum of money for their proposed online business.

Our this specialized service of Due Diligence and Live Verification assists the buyers at such times, i.e. We get into process with the seller for the verification of such revenue, traffic and other claims made are real and exact or not?

Once we our verification and due diligence is complete, we will provide you the thorough and easy-to-understand report with all the facts and figures for everything we explore.

Revenue Verification

Mostly the value of the online business is directly attached to the revenue it generates, and for same reason its verification and due diligence becomes of the vital importance in the acquisition procedure. Guaranteed to save big amounts of money for buyer.

We connect with seller to authenticate the revenue generated from sources, providing recommendations and our observation reports where needed.

Expenditure Analysis

Unspoken expenditure on the online business for sale is the very normal thing, as often the seller forgets reporting the payments made from personal or other payment methods and in other cases it is not provided simply to manipulate and fake-up the increase the amount of profits.

Though there is no conventional or specific scale to gauge all the expenditures of online business, but our experience of being watchful in the field makes us to point-out the errors and omissions related to that.

Authentication of Rate of Refunds and Chargeback

Normally the buyers of online businesses do not verify for the chargebacks and refunds and miss the possible most damaging data. High rate of refunds or chargebacks assigns to the problem in the product, service or supply etc. And such increasing number of chargebacks risk the connected merchant accounts of getting closed by payment method.

Our experts get connected with the sellers to check for transactions taken place in last months to verify the accuracy of the claimed rates and figures.

Tax Returns Verification

Where needed, we do perform the verification of tax returns by seller as additional proof of the accuracy of claimed revenue.

The availability of tax returns of online business will assist buyers in applying for funding etc.

Verification of Traffic Level

The selling price of the online business is not always affected by the traffic it is receiving, but visits are typically the main object to receive sales from the online business. Inflated or lessening levels of traffic are the preliminary alerts of the following real problems.

The claimed traffic by seller is compared with the live data reports from trusted analytics services, and important differences are reported directly to the buyer’s attention.

Verification of the Claimed Sources of Traffic

Sellers claim of receiving traffic from many online and offline sources, but verifying the accuracy of such claims can create a significant difference.

We check for the possible differences among the claimed traffic and those from where actually traffic is being received. For such sources which are not easily understandable, we evaluate the claims with the related industry norms.

Verification of Agreement and Contracts

The Online business having the contracts with main products and services suppliers or agreements with employees, such relations often play the important role in proper working of the online business.

We authenticate such agreements and contracts to estimate their validity and existence.

Online Business Assessments

If you are planning to make your offer for the Online Business, but first need to have the complete Assessment in-hand. Then go for our Online Business Assessment Service.

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Delivery of report within 4 days of payments received and verified. But its delivery is mainly subjected to the availability and completion of the tasks mentioned.

Required Data:
Other then the sales brochure or listing link, we may require:

Extra Costs:
Price of USD $300 will be covering the evaluation of one website and one individual/business seller and maximum 2 number of payment method accounts. If assessment of more than 2 payment method accounts is required, then for each additional account will be charged for $75, but for more then 2 PayPal accounts, additional will be charged for $110.

Please email us with your Order Number to info@duediligently.com so we can provide you the link(s) to pay for these additional services for your placed order.