Consultation and Deal Reviews

Online Business Purchase Agreement, Deal Structuring and Transfer Advice

After you have finalized to complete the purchase, we provide an extralegal review of your online business purchase agreement, proposed deal structure and how it is needed to get transferred the complete merchandise from seller.

We will provide guidance for the complete procedure after the acceptance of your offer to taking the receipt of the online business. This services contains a thorough review of purchase agreement and 3 x 15 Minute calls.

Expert and Specialized Knowledge in-hand

Mostly, considering and understanding everything technically is overlooked by the buyers and they fail at receiving some part of the online business or get into problem any other way at the time of making transaction or taking the delivery of merchandise. Even hiring an expensive attorney (unlike for the purchase of other offline businesses) to review the agreement, deal structure and merchandise delivery won’t help. As they have different field of consultation and dealing.

But with our vast experience of online business acquisition and with complete knowledge in the related industry, we will help you avoid expensive problems and overlookings.

ExtraLegal Review of Online Business Purchase Agreement

Completely different to the offline business, the online business purchases in-reality are the sale of assets and its purchase agreement is completely different. And it requires specialized expertise to provide you full guidance in the online business acquisition procedure.

We provide a complete extralegal review of the online business purchase agreement and suggest you about the phases that fail to protect you as being buyer of the online business.

Deal Structure Guidance and Suggestions

Normally the buyers consider that rejection or acceptance of the deal is completely reliant on the price offered meeting the criteria of the seller, but that is not the complete story.

Proper deal structuring can be extremely profitable and tax efficient for you as a buyer other than simple purchase. We suggest utilizing the Earn Outs and HoldBacks to decrease the risks and negativity together with equity retention and seller financing to assist you rightly leverage the capital offering the better returns on the basic investment.

Transfer Suggestions

Understanding and implementation of the proper acquisition of online business is only achieved with experience, purely because of the multiple complex technicalities are required to be considered.

Whether it is the matter of delay in re-application of the merchant accounts, to understanding the transfer of subscriptions from seller’s accounts to new owner’s accounts, we are just tap away from you to provide you the guidance and help for a smooth transfer.

Online Business Assessments

If you are planning to make your offer for the Online Business, but first need to have the complete Assessment in-hand. Then go for our Online Business Assessment Service.

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Turnaround: Normally we deliver reports within 4 days of payments received and verified, relying on the size and amount of the agreement and details. 3 x 15 Minute call can be arranged in the email, with subject of your order number (in system) and domain name of web-business under acquisition process

Required Data: In addition to the sale brochure or listing link, we may need the draft of purchase agreement and any information related to it. As an adviser, the acting NDA will typically cover our appraoch without requiring us to sign any additional.

Extra Costs: Price of USD $75 will be covering the inspection of one deal and fourty five minute of call can be spread in maximum of three calls. Additional calls can be scheduled via an email with subject of your order number (in system) and domain name of web-business under acquisition process