Online Business Assessments

Complete Analysis and Assessment of the website and its business!

Online Business Assessment for the buyers is standard in verification of the online business. Each report will offer the thorough breakdown of the website and its business.

Also, the Expert assessment is provided as part of the verification.

Business Assessment

Our final suggestion is completely reliant on the recent averages in the niche related to proposed web based business. We will also offer the value range for potential purchase.

Other then the assessment, we also talk about the facts that increase or lessen the value of web based business. It provides the deep vision of the potential opportunities to increase the value of web-based business, for if you buy it.

On-Site Verifications

Most of the web based businesses are reliant on the search engines, even for low traffic. Failure in observing their policy and terms can finally result the web based business to penalty and/or full ban.

This will make the web based business to lose traffic = losing potential earnings after some months of purchasing it. We perform verification of multiple factors to evaluate the uniqueness, quality and complaince of the web business offered for sale, defining the possible issues that may need to be corrected.

Marketing and Traffic Assessment

The most normal way the newly bought business fails is with Decrease of the traffic. Most reasons for such decrease in traffic can be identified before completing its purchase. Our Marketing and Traffic Assessments will cautiously notify you about them.

We will verify all the imperative sources that brings returning and new visitors to the online business. We deeply verify each one for its quality, sustainability and the reliance of the online businessís traffic on it.

Monetization and Revenue Verifications

Together with verification of traffic sources of online business, the assessment is not complete without overviewing its all revenue sources. We verify all the main sources of revenue, inspecting their contribution and sustainability to identify the short and long term risks of earning the revenue.

Maintenance and Operation Assessment

We evaluate the setup of online business offered for sale, and inspect for normal methods and skills required to operate it completely. We evaluate the time of completion of its tasks depending on our personal experiences.

It helps in understanding the requirements and time needed in the business operation, as compared to that provided by the sellers.

Information regarding the Seller

Normal background check about the seller is performed, in order to know about the other online businesses owned by the seller.

We perform such check to verify for if there are any web businesses owned by the seller which are providing the traffic to the offered site, as that will effect negatively to the amount of traffic recieved, for if the seller deleted them after you have completed its purchase.

Ownership Assessment

We look out for all the recent and old owners of the online business or domain.

It is important to check for the blacklisted, penalized or spamlisted online businesses. Also for the Ownership restrictions as well as the actual age of the domain and the web business differently.

Live Verifications and Due Diligence

If you have already made your offer for the Online Business and now require Full verification of figures and financial data, then go for Due Diligence and Live Verifications Service.

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Turnaround: Delivery of report within 4 days of payments received and verified. Quick Turnaround (additional +$130) - 2 Working Days.

Required Data: In addition to the Sales Brochure or listing link, we may require the access to analytics account of the seller of offered website or online business etc. for sale. If needed any more data then we can contact broker or seller, with buyer's approval.

Extra Costs: Price of USD $200 will cover the assessment of one website and one individual/business seller. If assessment of more than 1 domain or website is needed, then for very first domain will charge $150 and more domains will charge for $60 each.

Please email us with your Order Number to so we can provide you the link(s) to pay for these additional services for your placed order.